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Most homes have driveways that are often left untended. The results of this would not only be a damage to the appearance of the home but also to cars that pass through or even park on the driveway. It is troublesome to have it constantly repaired every time it gets damaged. Sealing your driveway is one way to avoid this trouble.



Although sealing your driveway up can be done by yourself since materials are not so expensive, you can still save more by hiring professionals like Driveway Sealing NV. It takes time to prepare the driveway for sealing. It needs extensive cleaning and drying and might take a whole day to accomplish. Power washers are a huge help in speeding up the cleaning process. Nevertheless, the drying up would take time as well. Our team has done many sealing projects for different kinds of driveway.

While driveways may vary in size and make, the material used for sealing also varies. The two main materials used are asphalt emulsion coatings and coal tar sealers. Coal tar sealers are cheaper and are often used when the client worries about oil or chemical spoils on the driveway. Asphalt sealers are easy to dry which makes it very convenient for the homeowner since it takes less than 24 hours after application until it is ready for foot traffic.

Sealing your driveway extends its life and makes it sturdy despite natural weathering. It covers cracks and holes which also protects vehicles passing through it or even parked on it. It saves the homeowner a lot of money from constant maintenance or repair over a long period of time.
Driveway Sealing NV



Driveway Sealing NV starts the sealing project by cleaning up and priming the existing pavement. It is important to remove unnecessary things on the pavement that may cause damage to the seal that will be applied. After all is cleaned and dried, the oil stains would be treated next. It is essential to remove oil since it is one of the reasons why driveways get damaged. After all that is set, the sealers will then be applied. After the application, the waiting game begins for the first coat to dry. It may take two to three coatings until everything is set to dry. This is done to make sure that all cracks and holes are well sealed and that the original pavement will not be easily penetrated by water or air which causes the natural erosion of the concrete pavement.
The sealer would act as a cover for the pavement and will extend the life of the driveway further until 30 years! It is also important for the homeowner to note that the maintenance of driveway sealers is not going to be constant. It takes two to three years until the driveway will be coated once more.


If you are interested to have your driveway sealed, Driveway Sealing NV will do the job for you. Just give us a call to give you a price quote on our services. We also offer drywall patching in Las Vegas.