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Hottest Trends on Kitchen Remodeling Las Vegas


Everyone’s becoming an instant chef this time of the year, especially this pandemic season. What better way to enjoy your cooking and meal preps by remodeling your kitchen and leveling up your chef feels. Kitchen Remodeling Las Vegas will help you fully remodel your kitchen from 'restau' vibe to the cozy, homey kitchen, or luxurious hotel style. Just one book and your kitchen will be insta-ready in three to five days!

Get the kitchen you’ve always wanted by adding the latest trend design to your cooking space. With the service of kitchen remodelers in Las Vegas, your specific needs and your design goals will be undeniably met to perfection.
Kitchen Remodel Las Vegas
  • Countertops

    When it comes to countertops, granite material is what people always have in mind. To make it trendier, let's have fun mixing and matching colors and exploring other materials that will bring the focal point of your kitchen to compliment the beauty of the entire area. Bring in a “Two-tone” style from choosing to white countertops and charcoal gray frame, a honed marble countertop and walnut end grain island, black and white finishes with gold details to complement the hues, or a bright and bold combination.

  • Backsplashes

    Herringbone is in. It's mostly used in wood floorings, but you can make a trendy touch to your backsplash by making it a blue or gray herringbone tile. But if you want it simply bold, you can select eye-catching black and white tiles, silvery and timeless tiles, a green scalloped tile for a statement wall, or just marble everything!

  • Flooring

    Wood never gets old and out of fashion. It is a versatile material that goes with anything. If you want fancy flooring to match your kitchen design, hardwood floors bring an element of warmth. But for an understated cottage feeling, you can hand-pick a herringbone wood flooring to pop out other features of your highly stylistic kitchen.

  • Cabinetry

    Dark Blue cabinets will add depth and richness to your contemporary style. While Dark walls and cabinetry will add a dramatic flair to your luxe space. Black is the new white. It becomes liveable and inviting. Not in for black? Then use a warmer tone with subtle-grained ash, which is paler than oak or walnut. For an all-white look, add in some metallic accents (it's all about the metallic accent details - may it be copper, silver, or gold). A green upper cabinet mixed with a rustic lower cabinet will provide an old-world charm and elegance to keep your kitchen remodeling Las Vegas on-trend.

  • Statement Stools

    Bring to life your monochromatic or neutral-hued space by adding in any bold colored velvet stools. But if your kitchen area already displays splashes of colors, a simple and modern barstool will complete the look. If Luxe is your style, a blue upholstered barstool with gold accents adds to your design’s elegance. And for a laid-back, farmhouse feel, wooden swivel barstools will make it incredibly stylish.

  • Pendant Lights

    To ensure that your space is well-lit and on-trend, eye-catching pendants will do the look. Mix and match various hanging pendants, a geometric gold pendant, low-profile light fixtures, a simple yet stylish two black woven pendant lights, a pair of metallic lantern lights, or a trio of oversized glass pendants.

Now, these trends are a lot to consider. But investing in your kitchen will improve the value of your home. Your remodel kitchen NV should reflect your lifestyle and still suit your daily needs. Kitchen Remodeling Las Vegas will help you explore more kitchen designs and get you a better idea of your remodeling plan. Already have a plan in mind? Then, get that dream kitchen of yours!